Diffusion Furnace Module — DFM


Furnace Bank at TCU


Modu-Lab DFM at UNiMAP


The furnace is a 3 zone quartz tube kiln designed to heat substrates to 1300°C in a contained, controlled atmosphere. This system is a miniature version of the industry standard horizontal diffusion furnace and supports oxidation or dopant drives. The programmable PID controller allows for overnight runs.

The system features:

1250 ºC Max Temp

Stainless Steel Scavenger

220 or 208 VAC (field selectable)

Programmable Controller for Overnight Runs

1 Year Warranty

3 Zone PID Temp Control

Low Cost of Ownership

Optional Mass Flow Controller Gas System

Quartzware Included!

Quartz Lined Load Tray


Modu-Lab Furnaces at ACC


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