About Modu-Lab


 Learning by Doing is, far and away, the most effective education technique in existence.

Modu-Lab is a complete turn-key lab that allows students to design, build and test micro-fabricated devices.  The process is geared for semiconductors; however, the equipment and procedures are very similar to MEMS and Photovoltaic device fabrication.  This similarity extends itself to modern Bio-tech.  As the knowledge  base  and research endeavors, expand the potential of  these fields, so will the necessity of having a workforce that is capable of  making the fruits,  a viable manufacturing potential.

Effective training programs are vital to the industry as well as the nation.  In order to rate, in global competition, it is essential to bring a large number of high quality manufacturing technicians to the industry in a very short period of time. The future manufacturing technicians, need to learn the basics in High School, build on that knowledge in a Community College, then go to work within 1-2 years of starting the curriculum.  And yet, this scenario depends, on the innovative ideas that our creative potential can bring into being.  The ability to visualize a new concept, then turn it into a product,  will depend on the experiences, that our most creative minds have been exposed to.  Advanced Manufacturing techniques, learned early, will only enhance this procedure.  Modu-Lab is the ideal mechanism for the intrepid mind to explore the limits of endeavor.  Even if the needs of the concept exceed the capability of the equipment, it will give a baseline for the future requirements of their vision.



Modu-Lab at UNiMAP (University of Northern Malaysia)

Modu-Lab has an international install base at  over 25 Institutions and companies.  Students are particularly happy to get real hands-on experience with the multi-disciplinary aspects of Modu-Lab.  This aspect is crucial to the generation of a flexible workforce.  After all, the more intricate the details, the more detailed, is the training.  A well rounded understanding of the goal, makes for a better chance of actually achieving it.

The bulk of the design work on Modu-Lab was centered around the cost of ownership of the lab.  This lab set is the pioneer of OTSE – Off The Shelf Engineering.  This means that most of the the parts that will be needed for maintenance, you can get from the local hardware store – at cost.  Another hidden attribute of Modu-Lab, is it’s mobility.  All of the modules are on castors and can be moved very easily.  Virginia Tech and Texas State moved the entire lab in less than a day –  Try doing that, with used production equipment. 

The cost is minimal, the facilities are minimal, the impact on student education is — Un-Measureable!  Please, consider this lab set,  for your future Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory needs.

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