Physical Vapor Deposition Module – PVM


The PVM is a filament evaporator that will also accept a wide variety of boats.  There is also a sputter system available – please see the PV Ultra page in this site. 

This system is VERY user friendly and will allow the reliable deposition of  any material with a melting point below about 1500°C.  In the Modu-Lab process, it is used to deposit the contacts and interconnects of the device(s) in process. 

The Module features:

Fully Interlocked Electrical System

Stainless Steel Vacuum Hardware

110 or 220 VAC

3.2 CFM Mechanical / Turbomolecular Pump Package

1 Year Warranty

Interlocked Control for Vacuum Training

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Voltage Tungsten Source

Full Range Instrumentation


Metalized substrates coated on Modu-Lab PVM