Oxidation Furnace Module — OFM


Modu-Lab OFM


Substrates Loading into the Modu-Lab OFM


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The furnace is a 3 zone quartz tube kiln designed to heat substrates to 1000°C in a contained, controlled atmosphere. This system is a miniature version of the industry standard horizontal diffusion furnace and supports wet or dry oxidation.  Additional options include annealing, and LPCVP. The programmable PID controller allows for overnight runs.

1000 ºC Max Temp

Stainless Steel Scavenger

Optional Water Bubbler for Wet Ox

220 or 208 VAC

Programmable Controller for Overnight Runs

1 Year Warranty

3 Zone PID Temp Control

Low Cost of Ownership

Optional TEOS Hotwall LPCVD

Optional Mass Flow Controller Gas System

Quartz Lined Load Tray


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