Photo Lithography Module – PLM


Photoresist Spinner on PLM

The PLM consists of a vacuum chuck spinner, exhausted bake plate and a mask aligner.  The aligner will accept  transparency or glass (added option) masks.  Acetate transparencies are recommended.



Alignment Marks on Substrate and Mask





Designed to allow students to align and pattern substrates economically! Spin, bake, align and expose 4” wafers using up to 25 micron geometry’s.   Printer masks are limited by he resolution of the printer.   Masks can be  prepared on transparencies, with a  laser or inkjet printer at a cost of about $2.00 per layer.  Reduction photography masks can also be utilized, and are the  limiting geometry of 25 microns.  At KUiTTHO (The Technical University Tun Hussein Onn) in Malaysia, undergraduate students fabricated a working IC inverter, using masks generated on the supplied printer. 

A glass mask adapter is an optional addition that will greatly reduce the minimum geometries.   Long before this option is decided, the reality of the minimum particle size in the ambient atmosphere, should be considered.  Experience has proven that the particle size is the biggest factor in the patterning process, and, a filtration system above the PLM is HIGHLY advantageous.  Ambient temperature is also KEY to this process, as it won’t work below about 20° C, OR above about 25° C.

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The PLM features:

X,Y,Z and ø Precision Micrometers

Exhausted Hot Plate and Spinner

Aligner Designed for Transparency Masks

PLM Mask Aligner

PLM Mask Aligner

110 or 220 VAC

Variable Speed Spinner

1 Year Warranty

Temp Controlled Bake Plate

Low Cost of Ownership

No Mercury Vapor Lamp or Dangerous UV