Wet Process Module — WPM

Designed to minimize chemical usage, the Wet Process Module is ideally suited for practicing the basic acid etch and photoresist develop processes in a single-wafer, hands-on environment. All chemicals are safely stored on-board, and vapors are exhausted away from the student.  It has 2 ambient temp reagent baths, 2 rinse tanks and a spin-dryer.  It requires 110 vac and 400 cfm of exhaust.  The rinse water is stored on board as are the waste containers.  It can easily be retrofitted for connection to the house DI water system and acid waste – if the facilities are available.


WPM and WEM at TCU


Top view of the WPM











The system features:

Welded Polypropylene Construction

Self Contained

Small Foot Print (30”Dx60”Lx 60”H)

110 or 220 VAC

Sized for Single
Wafer Processing

1 Year Warranty

Casters for easy mobility

Low Cost of Ownership

Spin Dryer